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Set Up Shop on Etsy

brought to you by The Seller Series

This course is designed for anyone who has a product, digital or physical, to sell on the Etsy platform. I'll hold your hand from start to finish!



Maybe you've had your eye on opening an Etsy shop for awhile now
… or maybe you had no idea there was a market for that oh- so-special thing you do.

Etsy is for: 

Crafters, makers, graphic designers, photographers, wedding planners, branding specialist and more. 

Think about your skill: can you offer a digital download or a physical product of something made by you? 


"After researching the Etsy platform for over a year, I finally took the leap in 2017. Over 4,500 sales and a couple hundred thousand dollars in revenue later... I want to help you start your journey. "

Abby Woerner
Course Host

What is inside the Set Up Shop course?

In this course you will have a first hand walk through of every step to opening an Etsy shop. Not only will we get the page set up, but you will learn how to rock the platforms search engine and start hearing those "cha-ching" notifications.

Into creating physical products, but no idea what to sell?

What to Sell Workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

A whopping 20¢ is what you will pay to add a listing on Etsy. After that you owe 5% +.25¢ after every sale. I call that pretty low risk! Plus, Etsy is doing all of your marketing for you. These could be the easiest sales you ever get.

Over 15 lessons are in this course. You will get a series of slides and, where applicable, video to help you learn the material in each section.

Graphic Designers: Invitations, logos, printable planner sheets, printable art quotes

Photographers: Anything someone can download and frame! Landscapes, florals, animals, anything- get your creative juices flowing and channel your inner interior designer.

Calligraphers- commissioned wedding vow art, invitations, printable quotes, so many of the things you're already doing!

Wedding Planners- Use Canva to create printable planners, sell how to guides, check lists, etc!


What's inside?

5 Step by Step Modules

Shipping, and logos and taxes - oh my!! Wait... how do I deliver a digital product?? Don't worry, I have all the information you need to be legal and ready to run your business on Etsy.

Community Access

You will get access to the new private community of creatives selling products. Whether your product is digital or physical- the help you need is inside. Oh and of course weekly check-ins from me and answers to any questions are included!

Become an Etsy SEO Pro

When I say I know this platform, I REALLY MEAN IT! I'll teach you all of my trade secrets on how to rock this platform and start making those "cha-chings" pop in so often you'll have to switch that app to mute.

Learn the exact way I built a six figure business on Etsy!

-Abby Woerner with Blair Made

Module Breakdown

Module 1

A Good Foundation

In this module, we are going to learn all about what having a business on Etsy involves. What is legally required, and covering the basics of business best practices.

Lessons include:

"What's in a Name"

"Business Account"

"EIN and Business License"

Module 2

Listings and Photography

When selling online, your photos are your most important marketing. In this module, we will be covering product photography for your business and utilizing flat lays for digital products. (Smart phones are all you need!)

Lessons include:

"Listings 101"

"Photography Importance and Style"

"Digital Product Photography for Beginners"

Module 3

Pricing and Delivery

Pricing your items is challenging! How do you figure out what price point people buy at while not underselling your skills? Don't worry, i'll talk you through pricing to sell and how to handle shipping too. There is also a video walk through of digital product delivery!

Lessons included:

"Pricing Your Products"

"Shipping with USPS"

"Digital Delivery Walkthrough"

Module 4

Marketing Your Shop

Just like every other platform with its own users, Etsy has its very own... dun dun dun.... ALGORITHM. Don't be afraid though, I know how it works and i'll share all of my secrets with you!

Lessons include:

"Etsy SEO"

"Branding 101"

"Growth Strategies"


Module 5

Legalities & Seller Expectations

In this module, i'll be teaching you everything there is to know about legally selling on Etsy. You will learn the rules of rights to sell as well as Etsy's right as the owner of the platform you're using.

Lessons include:

"Tax Talk"

"Copyright and Intellectual Property"

"A Cautionary Tale"


What about bonus material?

First up is our exclusive new Facebook community of sellers, and you'll have a welcome invitation to join the BRAND NEW community.

This could be "get started" nudge you need!

You have customers waiting on Etsy.. and you don't seem like the type to turn down more money?

I mean come on, who turns down more money...

Ready to dive in?

I'm over here envisioning you signing in with the same gusto my dog has leaping off the dock in the summer.

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